Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tarte 4 day stay lash stain review

I had surgery this week and haven't been wearing makeup.  I decided to put on just a little mascara and this is the one I tried.  Wow, it does NOT come off!  The formula is very wet and easily coated my top and bottom lashes of both eyes without having to dip the wand again.  It did not leave flakes around my eyes- good.  I washed my face before bed and it didn't budge.  Shower in the morning- still on. Wow, by the end of the second day it is still on.  A few of my lashes aren't fully coated, but it's definitely on.  It's bugging me, I need to see if I can get it off.  I use my Purity face wash and it doesn't budge.  I heavily scrub it with two different eye makeup removers and manage to get some of it off, but not all.  Now I wish I would have just left it on and let it wear off by itself.  I just always wash my makeup off, so I couldn't stand to leave it there.  But I think this stuff is cool.  I would totally wear this before camping or swimming or somewhere I wouldn't normally wear makeup.  Pretty awesome stuff. Also it's made of all natural ingredients so it should not bother most eyes.  I had a month I could only wear natural organic makeup or my eyes would water and get rashes.  This is a great brand for that as well as Korres

Verdict:  Has amazing staying power.  Truly lasts for days without flaking or smudging.  All natural ingredients- plus!  Great pick for the no fuss girl who will put it on once and leave it for days. 

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