Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smashbox DNA mascara

This is interesting mascara . . . I didn't think I liked the brush as I was using it because it is so awkward.  The tip is really square and big, it doesn't taper like every other brand I have used.  I did fine applying it, but I can see how people with less skill could get it all over.  The formula is wetter than the Hourglass, Urban decay, and Benefit brands I tried so far.  I was able to use one dip to coat both lashes.  I dipped it once and then moved the brush several times over my lashes.   I thought it gave my lashes a more winged look. So maybe the brushes strange shape helped.  What I didn't like about the look it gave was it clumped the base of the lashes together.  I like more separation. I had a few flecks under my eyes before bed, but barely. 

Verdict:  Good mascara for thickening and giving your lashes a winged look.  The brush is awkward and bulky.   Not my favorite because of how it clumps the lashes together.

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