Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rimmel Max volume flash Mascara Review

I chose this because I needed to review a drugstore mascara and this brand was on sale. 
Is it worth it to spend money on mascara, or buy cheaper drugstore versions?  The more mascaras I try the more I wonder.

This mascara seems good enough.  It gets the job done and it lasts all day, with only minimal flaking.  Not enough to leave smudges.  The formula is quite wet and it has a traditional brush.  Which makes it easy to apply and takes less coats.  I think I prefer drier formulas so I can coat them more naturally. What I didn't love was it made my lashes clump together at the tips.  I like a more separated lash look- just my preference.

Verdict:  For $7 a tube this is absolutely worth the price.   I have liked Hourglass and Laura Mercier mascaras the best so far, but they are 3 times the cost.  

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