Thursday, June 3, 2010

Laura Mercier building mascara Review

I like this one a lot!  It looks better than Smashbox DNA for sure.  It builds and thickens.  It is a deep shiny black.  The brush is easy to use, not to big and awkward. When compared to BADgal it is shinier and thicker.  It goes on with fewer swipes.  It depends on the look you like, BADgal is more separated and Matte.  Both lengthen equally.  It is so similar to Hourglass.  The formula is about the same, the brush is a little bigger, but the look is the same.  I put one on each eye and could not tell a difference.  I also put it on without curling my lashes and it brought them up.  It builds easily and doesn't get spidery.  Great staying power without flaking.

Verdict:  Great mascara!  A top pick for sure!  It easily builds lashes so they are longer and thicker.

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