Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rimmel Eye Magnifier mascara review

This mascara is for sure better than the Max Volume Flash Mascara.  I liked the way my lashes looked.  They were longer and thicker.  This has a wet formula and a plastic brush which really helped separate the lashes and made applying it simple.  It's lasts as well as my high end mascaras.  I do feel like my lashes feel more brittle and less supple with these cheaper mascaras. When compared side by side to Urban Decay's skyscraper and Cargo lashactivator, all with plastic brushes, I liked Decay's the best, it went on the smoothest with the cleanest look.  With that said, it was a minimal difference.  For cheap version I would buy this one.

Verdict: Cheap mascara worthy of wearing!  It adds volume and length and looks beautiful.  Lasts all day with minimal flaking. 

My suggestion would be to buy this mascara and also a product that works as well as RapidLash worked for me.  RapidLash will give you long lashes and this is cheap enough for you to save for RapidLash.

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