Saturday, May 15, 2010

Van Gough in the Sun!

Eyes closed, sunbeams engulf my pale skin. I breathe in the fresh morning air. I reminisce on my trip to Arles, France where Van Gough once lived! Oh to be 19 again. 10 years ago, I was there, I walked the streets Van Gough walked. The sun, the glorious sun! I feel Van Gough's yellow paint as I feel the sun kiss my flesh. Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers Art Print POSTER gough - 13 x 19 Thank goodness I remembered my sunscreen. Not just any sunscreen, my new Shady Day sunscreen wipes. The botanical infused spf 30 wipes feel and smell as fresh as the morning sun. One easy swipe and I am protected from the Sun's magnificent rays. Why can't every brand of sunscreen make a wipe form! These are spectacular, stupendous! So easy! Even my kids request them.

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