Friday, May 28, 2010

Stila Lash Visor Mascara Review

Yesterday I woke up and prepared for my colonoscopy. Before I left the house I coated my lashes in Stila Lash Visor waterproof Mascara. I really liked the way the mascara went on. It separated my lashes and coated them well with only a few swipes. It is a very thick runny product. It left them looking long and thick. I really liked it.  The real test was when I looked in the mirror long after the colonoscopy and recovery. What I saw were flecks of mascara under my eyes. I wiped them away and took a long nap. Again, flecks were under my eyes. I wiped them away and went on with life. Before bed there were still flecks under my eyes, but I noticed how well my lashes stayed curled, usually at the end of the day they are straight again and hanging in my eyes.  I scrubbed it off- which was a tough task and went to sleep.

My verdict:   This waterproof  mascara goes on beautifully and holds the lashes curl, however is does flake off and leaves specks around your eyes. It thickens and lengthens.  I don't like the flaking, but will wear it swimming. This is not a top pick of mine.

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