Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everyone is Beautiful!

Last nights Biggest Loser episode got me thinking about beauty. I thought I would post a rant by none other than me. . .

I believe God has given me a gift. I can see beauty in everyone! I am sad when people don't see the beauty in themselves. I know that we are all special because we are children of God. He is aware of each of us and he loves us. Also he has given us all special gifts unique to us. The hardest part for so many people is believing in themselves and seeing their own potential.

Last night when the Biggest Loser contestants had their makeovers and looked in the mirrors at themselves and finally saw how far they had come, they had their own breakthroughs. I loved how they looked, but more than that I loved that they could finally see their inner beauty. They finally had confidence in themselves and knew they could achieve anything.

Anyone can put on makeup and do their hair and look gorgeous; but it's when they look in the mirror and believe that they are great just the way they are, then their true inner beauty shines. Each and everyone truly is a work of art, a fine masterpiece!

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