Monday, May 3, 2010

Basic eye makeup how to

1. Prime your lids with eye primer.  See my previous post on my favorite primers
2. Apply a light shade over your lid.  I like to get a lot of powder on my brush and then tap it over the lid 3-4 times to get a good concentration of color.  My favorite color to use for this is light pink or beige.
3.  Apply a darker shade to crease of your lid only going in as far as your eyebrow is.  I like to use a brown, gray  or plum color.
4. Line the upper eyelid with eyeliner.  I start about the middle of the lid and go to the outer corner getting the thickest at the outer most corner.  Then I line the rest of the lid by making small strokes from the center to the inner corner.  I like it almost invisible at the inner corner. 
5. Curl the lashes
6. Apply mascara.  I always use black.  I like to use 2 mascaras.  I first use a thickening one by wiggleing the brush back and forth. Then I apply a lengthening one on top with 1-2 strokes.

When I ever get an HD video camera I will demonstrate.  

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