Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Every woman is beautiful. Thank goodness we have a little help unveiling our beauty. Here is my skin maintenance routine. I have super sensitive skin and have been blessed with acne free skin (with an occasional pop up). I wash my face each morning with DERMAdoctor wrinkle revenge and  at night with Cetephil. I love to exfoliate! Everyday I use a face brush. I like the Clarisonic. . Sally's has a little face brush you use by hand for $2, that works also. Once a week I use Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion to exfoliate. I also think a washcloth exfoliates well. Then I get a washcloth as hot as I can stand to wring out and place it over my face to open my pores and because it feels so refreshing. I always apply a CoQ10 serum to fight fine lines and wrinkles. There are many on the market, Eucerine Redness Relief CoQ10 is my favorite on my sensitive skin, I can even put it on my eyes. I like to allow 10 mins for it to penetrate my skin. Antioxidants are so good for you. You should also try to get it in your diet. Follow with sunblock if it's day. Any sunblock is fine! I use many different ones or a moisturizer with it in. I just discovered my new favorite moisturizer CeraVe. I got a sample from the dermatologist and love it. It retains moisture all day without getting oily. The best part is it is around $12 at Walmart, Walgreens, even Costco pharmacy has it. I also really like Clinique Moisture surge. I also read that Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Night Cream is just as good as Clinique's moisture surge. It's very important to have a fresh moisturized clean canvass before you begin your work of art.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Your blog is looking good.

  2. I am excited you have a blog, and I am excited to learn something. Somehow I missed out on the lessons of how to apply makeup!

  3. I'm going out of town tomorrow, but I hope to post a how to apply makeup video soon.

  4. Cool Charees! I had no idea you were an art major. What a great way to show your talents. You have amazing skin, so I'll be checking up on your tips often!!!
    I have NO idea about makeup - I do mascara and lip gloss. If it's a party, I might to eyeliner! hahaha
    Great blog!!!