Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

What better way to bring out your art abilities that nail polish. Every girly girl feels prettier with them painted.
The HOT Nails on the runways this season are short and opaque! Pastels with no sparkle are in Vogue! I'm wearing the lime green color. To be honest I think it looks ghastly on me. I'm too pale. Greens and yellows look better on darker tanned skin, but it's St. Patrick's day. I love the pink and purples! They look great on anyone and are so feminine. Just make sure you buy opaque colors. You don't want shimmer or sparkles this season. So run to the store and buy your favorite brand and shade and make the sidewalk your own personal runway. My favorite nail polish is OPI, but these are Ulta brand.


  1. I love the nails! And, I LOVED being roommates ........ and all the jamba juice and sliding down the stairs =) Love you!

  2. Love you too Joni! Those are great memories. You were so much fun!