Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts. . .

I've been so lazy lately!  But don't worry, even on lazy days I do my makeup!  Today as I was doing winged liquid eye liner my 1 year old kept grabbing my legs to get my attention.  That's not the thing you want when you are trying to be precise.  But I distracted her with some dried blueberries.  Food is always an easy distraction.  I liked winged eyeliner.  it's so pretty!  I like pretty things.  

My 3 year old yesterday asked me if she can have her own makeup when she grows up- of course she can!  She has been bringing me nail polish and remover each morning to repaint her nails.  She's very specific too : put pink on these ones and blue on these ones and a little heart on my toes.  Even with all her drama, I'm so glad she's a girly girl! 

My hubby's work is trying to make it possible for us to move to Japan for 5 months.  I hope it works out- we'll see, I never count on his work to come through for us.  Nevertheless, I was thinking about how hard it would be to pack my makeup.  5 months without each item would be retched- of course it's do-able, but still.  I started thinking about the Tokyo girls fun bright makeup.  How inspiring that could be!  I could be a little geisha.

Anyway- I'm pathetic these days.  Maybe one day I'll get my act together and make a how to makeup video.  I have an HD video camera now- I don't know how to use it, but I have one. 

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  1. What is this? Japan for 5 MONTHS????? Please say it's not so.

    So... makeup/skin godess... I have a skin question. Do you take questions? You know a little Q&A?

    I changed face soap recently. (You know me, I'm cheap) So I started using the generic version of Cetephil. I seem to be having a few under the skin don't form a head, really hurt and look like I am growing mountains on my face type acne. This is occasionally normal for me, but is it due to the change of soap or do we write it off as the occasional type I sometimes get?

    Also, now that I am... we'll say a little older how important are the fancy anti-age/anti-wrinkle creams? Do they work? I am starting to loose my young looks and am looking... well like I'm 30. (And remember, I'm cheap. And those fancy creams are pricey.)

    Feel free to email me or write a Q&A post if you think anyone else will be interested in my face issues. Or really if you don't want to start the whole Q&A series on you blog then that's fine to. I've winged this makeup thing my whole life. I can wing it some more.

    Love your blog. I always learn something new and interesting. I even shared the link with my 16 year old niece and she loves it too.