Friday, August 13, 2010

The arts!

10 years ago I was living a dream!  I was so full of passion for life.  I wrote in my journal each day about the exquisite happiness I felt while living in Paris and being surrounded by the art world that impassioned me.  I was so young and free from responsibility.  Seeing Leonardo Da Vinci's Virgin on the Rocks in person made me teary eyed.  Each week I would sit and stare at the Nike of Samothrace in all her grandeur.   On a weekend trip to London we went to Broadway and saw The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera.  I lived for those moments.  They seemed to awaken something deep inside me.  Those things made me happy and full of life.

The years went by, now my sister who is 10 years younger than me  is experiencing the life I once lived.   I hear her excitement as she talks about the art she has seen, the places she's been.  I wondered how I ever felt that way.  I have even heard myself say that my kids have sucked that sort of life out of me.  Nothing has seemed to stir up passion inside me until last night . . . The Lion King!  I felt young and alive again as the theatrical arts and the live music enveloped me.  I found myself being sucked into the songs where the singer sang with such power, I was captivated once again.  What thrills me is that I don't feel like a sleep walking mommy anymore.  I felt that sparkle enough to know it's not completely gone.  I just need to make our next adventure happen.  Maybe me and my girls can leave the house today and do something fun!  Our goodnight story will be about art tonight.  Now I must go put on my makeup.  I'm feeling like gold and purple inspired by the makeup from The Lion King.

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