Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best powder ever!!! Make Up For Ever

I ran out of this powder today and took a trip to SEPHORA!!!  My 3 year old loved it and came home with her nails done and blush and lipstick on.  She insisted on wearing her butterfly wings to the store and her tutu.  Needless to day, I love having a girly girl!

This powder is the best powder on earth!  I wouldn't want to live without it.  It helps set the makeup and keeps concealer in place.  The best part about it is that it makes your face look so smooth.  It fills in pores and doesn't settle into fine lines ( yes I have them, wish I could get back my 19 year old skin).   It gets rid of the oily shine so it's nice and matte. It is white, but doesn't leave a white film.  I usually don't put it on my cheeks because I like them to look more dewy.  I apply it with the kabuki brush and it is so soft, it's like silk.

    Next time you need powder- get this- you won't be sorry!

For all you cheapies out there you can try ELF's microfinish powder, it is $6 and I have not tried it because I stand by Make Up For Ever's.

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