Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lush Cosmetics!

Have I said enough about how wonderful my mother is?  Because she is!  She ran the Boston marathon back in April (yes she's an amazing runner too! Jealous!) and she went to a Lush store there.  I had heard good things about them and I really like natural products so she bought me some fun products to appease my skin care fetish.
 My favorite of the products is Ocean Salt Cleanser.  I am an exfoliater maniac. But that's a different post.  This one leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.  It's great for all over the body including the face, although it is a bit abrasive.  Angels on Bare skin cleanser is lovely.  It is very gentle and exfoliates ever so slightly.  My skin feels so soft after I use it.  It has bits of lavender throughout, so it's a nice relaxing product.  It is really thick and has to be mixed with a little water while you are rubbing it on.  I like it a lot.  

The other two products she bought me I liked, but they have a few negative aspects to them.  The first is a face mask called love lettuce.  It is a green mask made out of food.  I liked how it exfoliated when I washed it off, it also tightened my skin.  What I didn't like was that it had to be kept refrigerated so I sometimes I was too lazy to walk into the kitchen to put it on.  Also it expired quite quickly.  A few weeks shelf life.  Because of the expiration I felt the need to use it everyday. 
She also got me a moisturizer called Imperialis.  It is very moisturizing and is supposed to be great for skin that is oily in spots and dry in others.  It is very heavy so I feel like it can only be used before bed.  I don't like the strong medicinal smell, but it does seems to go away, or I got used it it.   It does make my skin feel like butter. 

These products are great for those who are earth conscientious, or vegan.  They are all natural which is always nice- but the packaging just isn't as cute as Sephora's products, and lets face it, we all know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

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  1. Thank you for such kind words. You are the greatest daughter ever. How do you think we can convince your dad.