Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fake it gorgeous!

Ardell Fashion Lashes
J'adore false lashes!  I always feel prettier when I'm wearing my Ardell lashes.  They add volume and length and make my lashes look Va Va Vavoom! Don't be afraid.  They are under $5 a pair and they last a few weeks if you take care of them and are gentle.  So grab a pair and experiment. I have used the single lashes and find them too complicated, I like the strips.  They have dozens of styles to choose from. My favorites are 135 and babies. Find your favorites.

Tips for applying: 
1. Apply eye liner. This is easier and looks better if you do it before the lashes.  I put lashes on last, after all my makeup is complete.
2. Curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara.  My favorite eyelash curler is 
Shu uemura.  This creates a shelf for the lashes, and applying mascara now makes it so you don't have to apply it to the false lashes- so you can reuse them.
3. Trim the lashes.  Place them on your eyes and see if they are too wide.  They're always too wide for me.  Trim them with scissors on the outer edge (the inner edge is shorter).
OR it's easiest to apply them if you cut the lashes into 3 segments and add them 1 at a time.   Does that make sense?
4. Apply a thin line of Eyelash adhesive (I also use Ardell brand adhesive).  I apply the glue to a paper and then run a toothpick it, then I run that over the lashes.  That helps it go on thinly.
5. Wait for the adhesive to become tacky, 30seconds or so.
6. Place the lashes on the eyelid as close as possible to the lashline.  I hold the lashes with tweezers. Press to secure to skin.  I like to tap it with the edge of my tweezers.

It sounds harder than it actually is.  It just takes practice.  I do think they feel a bit obnoxious for about an hour, after that I forget they are on.  Whether you wear false lashes or not, you are beautiful.  Everyone is beautiful in their own skin.  You just have to believe it.

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